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Second to last set in the BEMF Live series!

We wrote about Todosantos about a year back when we saw their first live show at Monkeytown in Brooklyn. Needless to say, we were blown away by the sheer audiovisual impact and the fact that they had all the pieces of the music puzzle together.

If you didn't read the article, Todosantos are an energetic 4-person group hailing from Venezuela now living in New York. Their performance is a mix of live VJing and graphic manipulation with their own original tracks that mash up house, electro, latin music, breaks, ghettotech, and more to form a sound they like to call "tukky bass".

Mix all that together on a hot summer night on a canal with a huge crowd and you've got Todosantos' explosive BEMF-closing set! The live set is just part of the puzzle; you need to SEE them to appreciate the performance so check out their myspace for upcoming shows.

Todosantos - Live at the 2008 Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival

These recordings were made possible by Impose Magazine.